Dark Eyes

In life we have those people around us that no matter where life take us, we always end up finding a way to meet again. We find ourselves struggling with life, thinking that we are not gonna make it till the end, then life sort of make it happen for you to collide with this […]

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Looking, thinking, drinking 

Don’t you ever just stare at the people around you and start like questioning all the things they do? Like, why is he talking to that person? Why is she smiling so much? Why is she do in that? Why is he doing whatever? Etc. etc.  Well, yesterday I went to this crazy birthday party […]

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Nervous Is An Understatement

Well, a few days ago a relative come to my house to give me some interesting news; he told me that there was an available spot for me to work. What you don’t know is that this news hit me hard, more than what I could admit.. I drop out of college six months ago; […]

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Hello world!

This is my very first post in here. I will be writing all my thoughts about life in here. Expect every kind of things. Happy blogging!

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