We have kept this friendship for 7 whole years. The first 2 years of our friendship 4 lunar eclipses took place. The next four there were 11. The seventh year which is still happening, we already had 1, and we have 1 more waiting to happen.

Just like the moon our friendship has been through so many phases. At the beginning we were acquaintances, we just had friends in common and we happened to be at the same places and with the same people. Time passed and we get to know each other a little bit more. We where in a crescendo phase. I developed some bright feelings for you in that phase, without knowing the eclipse that was bound to happen the day I confessed my feelings for you. Another body was going to eclipse you by surprise leaving my light without anyone to reflect on. Self doubt got the best of me, making me wonder, is my light to bright? Is his reflection too weak? Am I wasting my light on a selfish moon? Is someone else giving you the light that I’m supposed to give you? Is her light brighter than mine? 

Life kept passing by and we kept orbiting around one another without interfering in each others life, just the regular cycles, days and nights in constant change. Until one day our orbits got in sync, leaving us for a moment at the same place at the same time, letting us get a glimpse of what could happen if our masses where to collide. This night we can call it a complete mystery, because i can’t really put my finger on how it started and how it ended. That was a once in a lifetime type of event, so unique. Sun and Moon drunk on happiness with one another. 

Sometimes I keep wondering how may more moons we will have to wait for it to happen again. Will it be the end of the world as we know it when that happens again? Are we meant for each other but never meant to be together, what am I suppose to do with all this light that is meant for you while you are eclipsed by someone else? Will I be able to find other moons that reflect my light as beautiful and gracefully as you do? Is there a moon out there that i can call mine and make it shine as bright as me? How many more moons until i get to the one moon that i’m willing to give up the universe for? 


All the moons, just for one.- Gemm






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